Abstracts - Nici Gibbs

Presentation Title: Implications of Reallocation: Case Examples From New Zealand
Presenter:   Nici Gibbs (1)
Presentation Time: 2.00pm - 2.15pm
Co-Authors: Kevin Stokes (1)
Affiliations:   (1) - New Zealand Seafood Industry Council Ltd, NEW ZEALAND


Much of the focus in inter-sectoral fisheries allocation debates has been on “getting the initial allocation right”. Considerably less attention has been paid to the ongoing role of allocation decisions in achieving fisheries management outcomes as fisheries change and develop over time.

We explore the various ways in which “reallocation” of shares of available yield between sectors might occur under New Zealand’s fisheries management regime. Using recent examples from New Zealand rock lobster and snapper fisheries, we illustrate some potential policy, economic, scientific and management effects of reallocation of catch between sectors.

We use the examples to demonstrate the importance of clear and complete initial allocation and the need for clearly specified and agreed rules to determine how allocation might change through time under defined circumstances.


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